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When: Fri 5 Sep - Sun 21 Sep | 11.00 - 17.00
Location: The Workshop, 32-40 Tontine Street, CT20 1JU

Rowan Whybrew
A Modern Ou-topia
Fri 5 Sep - Sun 21 Sep | 11.00 - 17.00

In A Modern Ou-topia Rowan Whybrew presents
an uncanny, fractured body of photographs and a sound piece. The photographs take a glimpse into some of Folkestone's hotels (integral to the town both today and in its heyday), and are set to a sound piece influenced by the writings of one of Folkestone's most famous visitors, H.G. Wells.

During his time in Folkestone Wells published one of his most controversial works, A Modern Utopia - his vision of a progressive World State, without borders, in which civil liberty is sacrosanct.
However, like all utopias, Wells's is ultimately just
a holiday of the imagination - an escape from reality.

A Modern Ou-topia quietly reflects on how looking to the past can be an act of the imagination, unique to each individual, and a place apart from reality. Long after Wells's departure the town remains a destination visitors temporarily inhabit, and a gateway to the wider world.