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Audio Roulette
Sat 30 Aug - Sun 2 Nov | Online

Audio Roulette offers a series of digital interventions, to be heard at a location and time of your choice.

Each intervention is a 30 second sound recording of a place or space, designed to be hidden in your music playlists on your iPod / phone / mp3 player. When listening to your music, the roulette tracks will play at random (using shuffle) between your songs and surprise or transport you to another place.

The mystery tracks are not musical, but are recordings of places and spaces that may surprise or transport you, before returning you to the safety of your headphones. They are short 30 second recording of a place, space or activity. Sounds include exotic locations such as the rain forests of Borneo, as well as every-day sounds of life from the UK and Europe. Some tracks are recorded binaurally, giving realistic and immersive 3D sound that will merge with the actual soundscape you are within blending fiction with reality.

To play Audio Roulette simply register using the link below then download our mystery Audio Roulette tracks that we send to you. Hide the tracks within your playlists on your iPod / phone / mp3 player (without listening to them first!). Then listen to your music as usually would, using Shuffle with the playlists containing Audio Roulette in. Listen on headphones to get he full benefits of the binaural recordings, and to take the Audio Roulette experience outside to the streets and places you often inhabit.

The intent of the work is to invite the unexpected into our day-to-day routines, interrupting ourselves and our connection with the locations we inhabit. The interventions will vary depending on where you are and when you listen to music.

We're keen to hear from you about your experiences, to find out where and what you heard. We will be creating an online map of the Audio Roulette Interruptions from the Folkestone Fringe that can be found online here soon.

To play Audio Roulette register here.