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Someone's daughter, someone's son, Helen Mayer

Sun 31 Aug - Sun 2 Nov (Wed - Sat | 12.00 - 18.00) & (Sun | 12.00 - 16.00)
Location: The True Briton, 24 Harbour St, CT20 1QN

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Buried Memory >< Shared Ground
Nicholette Goff, John Howard and Helen Mayer
Sun 31 Aug - Sun 2 Nov

A disused cellar beneath The True Briton pub in Folkestone Harbour has been transformed into an exhibition space, installed in a mysterious labyrinth of ghostly lit spaces between dim and dark corners.

Using photographs, objects, projections and sound, the exhibition explores themes of recollection, reminiscence and remembrance; and how memories are rebuilt, revived, buried and lost.

During the exhibition, poet Sharon McCarron will involve regulars and visitors in bar-based activities around memories and poetry. She will interlace and mix up the artists in the cellar with the regulars in the bar. There are opportunities for visitors to add their own memories to a Collective Memory project that will grow during the course of the exhibition.

"Memory is not an instrument for exploring the past but its theatre. It is the medium of past experience, as the ground is the medium in which dead cities lie interred."
Walter Benjamin, One-Way Street and Other Writings (1978)

Workshops/activities in The True Briton:
Nicholette Goff - Memory gathering
Thu 9 Oct | 14.30 & Thu, 16 Oct | 20.00

John Howard
- Childhood reminiscence
Thu 25 Sep, 14.30 & Thu, 2 Oct | 20.00

Helen Mayer
- Bring me your photos
Thu 11 Sep | 20.00

Sharon McCarron
- Tall Tales from the Pub
Sat 13 Sep | 14.30 & Thur 18 Sep | 20.00

Charity Quiz and Raffle night
Wed 22 Oct | 20.00

Closing Event
Expect a multifarious mix of sounds, images, performance and poetry from the artists, plus live music from Diane Dunn.
Sun 2 Nov | 13.45 - 15.00