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Image credit: Neil Brown


Live Performance
Sat 18 Oct Doors open at 11.30 for midday performance & 14.30 for a 15.00 performance (Approx 15 minutes)
Listening Booth
Fri 24 Oct - Sun 2 Nov 5.30 - 15.00 Harbour Station Cafe
Harbour Station Cafe (AKA The Cabin Cafe), CT20 1QH
Tickets: Free with a purchase of a beverage

Anna Braithwaite
Cabin Cafe Cantata
Fri 17 Oct, Sat 18 Oct, Fri 24 Oct - Sun 2 Nov

A piece about the past, present and future of Folkestone Harbour.

The Cabin Cafe Cantata is a site-specific piece which takes its inspiration from the past, present and future of Folkestone Harbour. Among its many historic roles were: bustling gateway to Europe, way station for travellers on the Orient Express and final port of call for soldiers heading out to war.
The old hangers and station buildings, crumbling remnants of Folkestone's tourist industry, have been swept away in preparation for the imminent redevelopment of the harbour: the calm before a new kind of storm. The Cabin Cafe and her crew of fishermen, lorry drivers, and locals will be released into a fresh pool of restaurant chains, high street shops and new builds, all jostling for position in a development which hopes to restore the prominence of the harbour's heyday. In the Cabin Cafe Cantata, the verbatim words of the Cafe's clientele are voiced by singers and placed upon
a musical backdrop constructed from an eclectic collection of classical and 'found' instruments.
The cantata will act as a memory palace, a repository of vernacular thoughts, beliefs and opinions, all distorted through the funhouse mirrors of individual perception.

Singer & Composer: Anna Braithwaite
Musicians: Leon Quartet, Aidan Shepherd,
Alistair Bamford & Daniela Gajdosova.


Thank you to Gary Staniforth for his support, sustenance and the use of his cafe. Thank you also to all the people who allowed me to interview them for this project.