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Image credit: Lisa Castagner


24 Oct – 2 Nov, Fri - Sun 12.00 – 17.00 (or by appointment) 
Withdrawing Room, Harbourside,14 Wear Bay Road, CT19 6AT


Lisa Castagner, Rosalind Davis, Peter Kennard & Cat Phillips (tbc), Suzanne Koszyk, Helen Knowles, Lynda Ni Duil, Sally Penfold, Raine Smith, Eva Stenram, Hermione Wiltshire

“Collecting” is a project initiated by artist Liv Pennington, taking the longstanding practice of artists swapping artworks with each other and making the swaps public as a way of looking at relationships, value, personal taste and reciprocation.

The swaps will develop online and also be exhibited in the Withdrawing Room, at Liv’s family home. Current social media platforms stress the importance of visible validation through digital 'liking' & 'endorsing’ and a need to being seen to ‘share’ and “link’, creating traceable networks. Liv is interested in the rituals of reciprocation and how they can be initiated, expected and forced.