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Sat 30 Aug - Sun 2 Nov | 11.00 - 19.00 & streamed 24/7
FF Harbour Hub, Folkestone Harbour, CT20 1QH


Toby Oakes
Reception - the recording light is on
Sat 30 Aug - Sun 2 Nov

There is a room on Folkestone’s harbour arm, in the room there is a microphone and a red light,

On it’s roof there is a radio mast, on top of the mast there is a microphone and a red light.

The microphone on the top of the mast captures the sounds of the sea, the weather, and the human activity in and around the harbour. This live soundscape is streamed on our website without interruption until…

someone enters the room.

The light in the room goes on, the light on the mast goes off, the microphones are switched, and anything sung or spoken, any sound that is made in the room is transmitted to a waiting world.

Anybody can go into that room and make any sound that they want…

but we’ll be listening...