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Fri 26 - Sat 27 | 18.00 - 22.00
FF Harbour Hub

Other collaborators:
Mark Seiltz, Sam Mackrill, Sarah Sinclair
Acknowledgements: Grazyna Dobrzanska-Redrup, Simon Waller, Lucy Lyall, David Sparshott, Sarah Sinclair, Stefano Rabolli Pansera
Robert Pratt
Right Idea, Wrong Machine
Fri 26 - Sat 27 | 18.00 - 22.00

The year - 2014, the idea – to hold ‘A Dozen Small Gatherings’; one a month in a different location every month, different participants, different collaborators, different people. This is about providing platforms of exchange, to allow discussion to take place face to face without pretence or the pressure of set parameters. These gatherings revolve around human experience and the most basic of social interactions, most significantly conversation. The scent, the look, the taste, the sound and the sense of space are brought into question.

Folkestone Fringe Festival will host the ninth small gathering of ‘A Dozen Small Gatherings’. This gathering will consist of two parts. Part One: Friday 26th September. Part Two: Saturday 27th September. Right Idea, Wrong Machine – the ninth small gathering, will be driven by a desire to communicate, underpinned by guts and determination the frustrations of the quotidian will be exercised in a sensory re-focusing.

Folkestone please join us.