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Mon 29 Sep – Fri 7 Nov | 9.00 - 18:00
The Sassoon Gallery , Folkestone Library, 2 Grace Hill CT20 1HD


Time Bleeds
Viola Fims, Helen & Colin David, Matt Rowe & Simon Pittock
Mon 29 Sep – Fri 7 Nov | 9.00 - 18:00

In February 2013, a group of people in Folkestone came together with one question in mind......
"What happens if we forget?"

The seaside town of Folkestone, Kent, was the gateway to the war with over eight million troops passing through its streets on the way to fight in Europe.

With the First World War moving out of living memory what does that mean for us?
Could anything like it happen again?

Folkestone hosts a series of responses to this question, displaying new works that span the medium of film, sculpture, photography and performance in The Sassoon Room.